DAMN!!!  ONLY 6 hours to go

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Date: 25 Nov 1999
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Friday-1:57am(gmt+10:00), cursing swearing and threatening to throw myself off the balcony. REASON: 3unit ancient assessment due in 10 hours but i only have 6 to finish it in, sweet got all my info,right, 4 record assessment is 5page essay on 4 kings from old kingdom egypt from the 3rd dyn' to the 6th dyn' kewl Zoser,khafre,userkaf,teti easy as pie,right,WRONG. the essay if i would have readthe Q properly essay is on main achivements, how well did he fufill his role, and describe egypt in the time of the pharaoh- meaning famine trade conflict etc... there is no info any where your site has lil but not enough i am finally done my self in i have put famine 4 doser trade between town ships no major outtertrade or wars but for khafre trade with sudan no famine no wars and basically thats it 4 all tell me if you think i will get more than the 2% for getting it in thanks over all i think you have a good thing going so why stop just 1 point the .wav music that plays in the windows u open instal a stop button plz after listening to it 4 1/ hour you think i was going crazy thanks again

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