Re: hi I want to die

From: Wannabe Freudian,hopefully,(if i can get the marks)
Category: Comments
Date: 25 Nov 1999
Time: 09:29:21
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PPL such as Michael Turner and Very Mixed Up Aussie Girl.This is the wrong site 4 that frame of mind.The Egyptians(correct me if i'm wrong)belived in new life and in an afterlife,so wanting 2die on this page will screw your KA & BA up,so please go 2rotten.com if you feel the need 4 death, or read the Revelations from the Bible,then move 2WACO Texas and piss the FBI and DEA off, cause we dont want our innocent Ba's & Ka's corrupted . Thank You P.S.very mixed up girl is dumb, egypts nice but AUSTRALIA is the capital of the world (for refugees only)