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From: Jamie Larsen(KinKiGirl5@yahoo.com)
Category: Suggestions
Date: 13 Jul 1999
Time: 00:32:00
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Hi my name is Jamie, and I am very interested in ancient Egypt, I have learned alot from reading sites on the internet, studying the vocabulary of hyroglph's, and reading books on mummification. I am very interested in what the egyptians did to the organs of the deceased, so thats why I want to tell you where you need to change something, when you go into the mummie section, find where you are talking about the brain, the egyptians believed that the heart was what you thought with, because "when pharoah got excited it was his heart that beated wildly." that is from Bob Brier's book about the murder of Tut.ank.amen. The egyptians had no idea what your brain was good for, kind of like us with spleens, doctors have no idea what they are in us for, so they (egyptians) assumed that it was a useless organ. I also wanted to remind you about Tut.ank.ahmen's real name, Tut.ank.aten, because his father was Ank.hen.aten, he belived in aten, the God that created all.

please email me if you use any information i have given you, I would love it if you did, thanx.!! JAMIE L.