The Sphinx

From: Alan Gilman
Category: Comments
Date: 07 Jun 1999
Time: 17:42:16
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This has to be the most thorough web page on egyptology I have came across. I was recently thinking about directing my life towards egyptology. I was wondering if you or anyone else could shed some light on a good school to look into.

I was curious as to why you didn't list a date for the building of the sphinx on your Giza complex page? Do you believe in the rain-induced theory of 10,000BC? Or around the normal, politically correct views? I love mysteries, and egypt is full of them.

I recently picked up a book at the Smithsonian Institute called, Egypt: The World of the Pharohs by Schulz & Seidel. It is a great book for beginners. It is about 600 pages long and about 10 inches square. This book starts from the prehistoric times and goes, in detail, till the end of the last dynasty. Check it out if you get a chance. Have you read all of the books in your selected reading list? Also, answer me this, are all of those TLC and History Channel programs accurate? I learn alot from them, I just want to know if i'm learning the truth? Email any questions or responses: CryonDeath@aol.com