The formula for Cheops & the Universe

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Date: 18 May 1999
Time: 12:02:02
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Each base of Cheops is 757.523149 feet. This is equal to 1/2 second of earthspin at the equator. Formula for feet/circumference is 757.523149 X 2 X 60 X 60 X 24 = 130,900,000 feet. When multiplied by the hours in a day squared ( factor of another 24,) the product is 3,141,600,000 feet; an expression of Pi as a whole number even to a nine decimal accuracy. The height is 482.25 feet. Plug the numbers in, see what computes evenly to Pi. The number of months in 1,309 years X 2 = 31,416; another clear expression of pi as a whole macrocosmic number. The earth is a chronometer by which the time/space continuum may be calibrated. The builders of Cheops knew this. How is the question.