River God

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Date: 28 Jan 1998
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Hi Just read River God by Wilbur Smith and the follow up 'the Seventh Scroll' Fascinating! Was there really a Queen Lostris that ruled 1700 BC? Is the scribe Taita pure fiction..and Mamose's tomb in Ethiopia? Really interesting website!

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Date: 06 Nov 1997
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Perhaps you could provide your downloadable files in Mac format as well?

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Date: 23 Jun 1997
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my question is probably a dumb one but I am interested in whay the symbols mean in the heirglyphics(?) I am interested in alot of different things about Egyptology once I started reading Barbara Micheals mysteries??(Elizabeth Peters) as well same person what away to get interested in something,right!!! appreciate you answer to my question though thank you=o)