eye of horus

From: Liz
Category: Comments
Date: 22 Jan 1998
Time: 10:28:15
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Love the page, all the graphics especially. I've been searching all over the whole net for images of the eye of horus for a tatoo I want and it brought me here.


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egyptain cats

From: Cleopatra
Category: Comments
Date: 28 Oct 1997
Time: 13:10:59
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This is one of the only egypt sites I've seen that has at least a little info on Bastet and egyptain cats! I love ancient egypt!!!!

From: Linda Siraco
Category: Comments
Date: 08 Jun 1997
Time: 20:14:18
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I have always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt, and was delighted to find your website! I have seen a few out there, but yours is very impressive, both in content and in design. It's wonderful to see that others share similar interests.

I only have one question for you. I have been trying to find software that teaches how to read hieroglyphics, not for the professional, but just for the general public. Do you know of any? I would greatly appreciate any help on this subject.

Thanks again for a truly awesome site!

Linda Siraco lsiraco@worldnet.att.net