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i like your page and i was wondering

From: shannon
Category: Questions
Date: 21 Jan 1998
Time: 20:37:39
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I like your page and I was wondering if you could send me things about Egypt.

Anyone from Alabama?

From: googleman
Date: 15 Dec 2007
Time: 23:37:02
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A Novel - Literature ?

From: berckman@cg.ensmp.fr
Category: Questions
Date: 24 Oct 1997
Time: 03:34:11
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Congratulations with your web site. It gives a lot of well structured and consise information for the non-egyptomologist.

Only, I am looking for a few good books. That is, novels , a story set in the times of the pharao's preferably in the area of Karnak & Valley of Kings. Else a mystery lived by archeologists in our days which invoke the times of 18th -19 th dynasties. So that, while we sit and read as the sun sets at the borders of the Nile, the Egypt of these days comes back to life. (if no titles, a website maybe?)

Thanks in advance

From: N4FYR@aol.com
Category: Comments
Date: 28 May 1997
Time: 21:27:14
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This is a very nicely designed site.I have enjoyed brousing around within it.