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Date: 15 Dec 2007
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Book of Spells

From: tonym@powerup.com.au
Category: Questions
Date: 11 Jan 1998
Time: 23:34:27
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What a Fantastic Site! Congratulations I would love to find out where to get the Egyptian Book of Spells. I often see them in books referring to a picture but have never see the entire list. Any help would be great.

his life

From: morgan dreesen
Category: Comments
Date: 20 Oct 1997
Time: 22:05:38
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he lived a very happy life.

From: king tut (my handle)
Category: Comments
Date: 18 May 1997
Time: 22:16:39
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Im not Egyptian,but i have been following the great Pharaoh's for many years..i find it very fas- inating..i would like to know all i can about this subject