Hancocks ideas

From: Richard Carpenter
Date: 22 Dec 1999
Time: 00:31:14
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Scared,Shaken,Enlightened. I've always felt that all the worlds religions were chasing the same GOD, Now I see that it might not a GOD at all. Though I've never gone to college, I feel I have a good understanding of what hancock was trying to say, All the pieces fit in the end and frankly I'm scared. So in 2030 the poles will reverse and the lithosphere will shift and most of the worlds people will DIE...........I must say I trust his findings completely,But some little things keep popping up in my laymans mind. 1, The poles ice sheets we are told are melting and large parts are falling into the sea....That means the weight is decreasing. 2, If greenhouse gases are heating up our world like the tree huggers say they are that also works against more ice at the poles. 3, If the mayans only inherited the pyramids then their understanding of when the world will end might not be so accurate. If the buildup of ice is the hammer, And its decreasing, Then how much less ice will it take till earth can slip past this precise moment in time and not die again. And what about the effects of the industrial revolution,Testing of atomic weapons above ground, Drilling for oil, Can not all of these things have an affect on our climate. The biulders of the pyramids did not see these things coming.And now NASA tells us the sun has been heating up the last ten years and will only get cause higher temperatures on earth. Could all these things combined throw enough monkey wrenches into the equation to forestall this deadly climax.The lost people didn't see all these climactic changes, Perhaps if we truly have had a effect on the world, perhaps its just enough to put off this ending till it can't happen.I know my spelling isn't great but I hope I've gotten my point across. THANKS FOR LISTENING.