Re: Was Sceptre: Some answers

From: JBR
Date: 14 Dec 1999
Time: 16:30:07
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Great!! While scowering the Internet for information on the Was Sceptre I Found your questions RPW, and I must say I was suprized as this seems to be one of the most arcain of objects although the subject of the egyptian Was Sceptre has held my interest for some time now,the fact that I live on the side of a remote mountian in southern colorado has kept me from the metropolitan research communities. All has of course has changed now with the net and I'm sure eventually our questions will be answered. For now let me say as to the function of the Was Sceptre, Drunvalo Melchizedek says that it may have been used as tuning fork and placed at the bace of the neck in order to induce viberations to the pineal gland in order ot open the third eye. As to your question; have any ancient Sceptres been found? I have no answeres as yet I guess a letter to the British Muesum is in order on this score more information to come as time allows keep up your quest and keep me posted. JBR