etruscans , descendants of ancient egypt

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Date: 28 Nov 1999
Time: 11:10:44
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I have been reading very interesting literature on the Etruscans written by Donald Strong. A terracota sarcophagi was found . It was made in 500 BC and comes from Caere (Above Rome, Italy) and. The terracotta sarcophagi is of a reclining couple, a man and his woman. The eyes are almond shaped, very similar to Egypt's pharaoh's (Tuthankamen). Could the mysterious Etruscans which very little is known, come from Egypt or is it the other way around. They are a fascinating people. Their alphabet is very interesting . Some letters are similar to the Greek alphabet. They also wrote from right to left. Just as Leonardo Da Vinci wrote. Leonardo's city Vinci was a city inhabited by the Etruscans a long time ago. I also write from right to left and one, must use a mirror to read the text. This is quite natural for me to do so. I also write with both hands simultaneously . With the left hand , I write from right to left and with the right hand I write from left to right. I never learned this. It came very natural to me . If anyone would like a sample let me know . I will be glad to write to you. My father was born in the Northern part of Udine, Italy. If anyone has any information where I can read more about the Etruscans,please let me know. Denyse Aita.