From: Prof B-Rom
Date: 22 Nov 1999
Time: 08:36:49
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I saw in the articles the name Rohl and his alternative chronology of Egypt. But there are other alternatives too. One of the best known is the work Ages in Chaos by I. Velikovsky. I was looking in the database here too see if his name was mentioned too, but it seems that Velikovsky not was in this database.

One of his statements is that the Hyksos = the Amalekites of the Bible and that the Israelites departed from Egypt after the Fall of the Mid Kingdom. It was Saul who helped Ahmosis to defeat the Hyksos/Amalekites. The Hykos-king was called Apop/Agag. After the Fall of the Hyksos Empire, bloomed the kingdoms Egypt and Israel.

The Queen of Sheba = Hatsjepsoet and was a contemporain of King Salomon. Sisak = Thoetmosis III, the Egyptian Napoleon. It was he who plundered the Temple of Salomon in the 5th year of Rehoboam. He even pictured his booty from the Temple on the walls of Karnak. Wanna know more of his ideas? Just let me know.