Help needed converting mud to egyptian theme

From: osiris@priest.com
Date: 12 Nov 1999
Time: 19:02:59
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A mud is an online interactive text base role playing game. I now control a mud called Seraphim Nightmares. The mud is located at telnet: excalibur.inetsolve.com port 7000. You can also email me at osiris@priest.com. The beginnings of a webpage (only 4 days old at this posting so forgive the crudity) can be seen at www.ghosthouse.net/seraphim I've set up three deities for characters to chose from for worship purposes, but cant find much good information on Apophis outside of some WoD (World of Darkness) texts. Any assistance is appreciated.

Newcomers to the world of roleplaying are welcome. This mud is still in development. Osiris