Re: info on matriarchal fishing communities

From: Georgia Albert <georgia@intermind.net>
Date: 12 Nov 1999
Time: 03:24:51
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Khemet, where Egypt is now, was a matriarchal society. This is just one of the secrets that the patriarchs have been trying to keep secret. It seems the ruling patriarchy doesn't like thier Mother. The ancient Mayan civilization was a matriarchy and the Incas, Aztecs, Scythians, Carthaginians, Druids, Celts, Native Americans.....ect. I could go on with many more. The reason you are having such a difficult time finding information about this is because the patriarchy has been hiding, altering, or destroying the Herstory/History. There is further information about this located at a new site http://members.xoom.com/goddesschess/ The indexing has not been completed, it is still a fasinating read.

Georgia Albert