moses and egypt

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Date: 10 Nov 1999
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pharoah of the exodus....using the pivitol dating system of tyberius caeser.....it can be worked out that the exodus from egypt happened in the year 1513BC....what also interests me is that the israelites were mentioned in the stele of armarna....merenptah said 'the israelites laid waste...they have no seed" Uhh??? is what the israelites that conquered the land of Canaan. One more thing...does anyone know if it was any certain pharoah that originated the story of osiris and Seth and the casket being into the Nile river.....then seth cutting up Osiris into many pieces......the whol;e story sounds like the story of moses being thrown into the nile...in a cask.....and all the other children under the age og two being killed.....what dynasty did this story of osiris and seth originate in....thanks regards caleb..