Israelites in Egypt

From: anna_c
Date: 20 Oct 1999
Time: 13:18:04
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One difficulty in answering this question is the fact that "Jews" were not "Jews" until they received the 613 Mosaic commandments after the Exodus. Up to that point they were pretty much just an ethnic people.

The Semitic/Palestinian people began emigrating to Egypt from Western Asia towards the end of the Middle Kingdom through the Second Int. Period. (Abraham's migration is mentioned in the Bible.) Eventually they'd acquired enough clout and standing to actually become the "foreign rulers" known as the Hyksos kings. These Hyksos kings were later defeated by Theban kings and Egypt was reunited.

Until the revelation of Mt. Sinai, the "Hebrews" may not even have worshipped the same god/s. The Hyksos kings selected Seth as their god. They were not necessarily a homoginous people apart from being "foreigners."

Sincerely, Anna