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From: Catlady1@aol.com
Date: 12 Sep 1999
Time: 23:56:12
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Atlantis the eight continent is a good book, but is not the same as the mysteries of Atlantis by Berlitz. I would like to also say that I have conducted some researched along this subject of Atlantis, and have found out some very interesting information, that hopefully someday it will be published, but I will mention a few things briefly here. I found out that Atlantis was a real place, and the area where it was located still exist. Also the dialogues that the Greek Philosopher Plato wrote consist of symbolical terminology that need to be properly deciphered. There is a map of Atlantis that is described in Plato's story. The place where the Island of Atlantis was located today to my knowledge have never been mentioned in any previous writngs. Atlantis was not the first civilization, and is not as old as it has been believed in the past. Plato mentions three Atlantis in his dialogues, A continent,Island, and a city Island. One of the fallacies I have acknowledged in past writings that some parts of Plato's dialogues have been expressed literally while still in a symbolical form. There is also other ancient documents that mentions Atlantis besides Plato's dialogues. Thank you, and I enjoy sharring this information with you.