Re: Gantenbrink's Door

From: melissa
Date: 08 Sep 1999
Time: 15:00:51
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I completely agree with you. If they opened the door and found the true identity of the pyramid builders and it did not coincide with what Egyptology tells us the entire history of Egypt would have to be rewritten. Has anyone heard of why Egyptologists believe that the great pyramid was built by Khufu? A piece of grafiti was discovered in the area above the "king's chamber" written in the same red paint which was used for centuries in Egypt(therefore no specific date can be placed on the paint) which said the name of Khufu. What most people don't know is that the name is spelled wrong and was not even written in heiroglyphs, it was in heiratic which leads me to believe that it could have been written by some patriotic commoner in the time of Khufu's reign or maybe even by the man who so called "discovered" the grafiti. As everyone knows the discovery of the builder of the great pyramid will bring the person great fame and fortune.

sincerley, Melissa