Perfect numbers

From: Rune@mail1.stofanet.dk
Date: 30 Aug 1999
Time: 15:04:10
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I once posted an article "The Great Pyramid and its perfect numbers" - Nobody seems to bother, thatīs why I now tell you that I have now discovered that the Egyptians, who worshipped the sun and built the great solar symbols - the pyramids ,- also knew the 6th perfect number. But how do I know? Well - in my article I have shown that they knew the 5 first perfect numbers and I have now discovered that the royal cubit (only used for sacred buildings) was created this way: The circumference of the sun including its chromosphere divided by the 6th perfect number (8589869056) is almost equal to 1 royal cubit. You may think this is just a coincidense, but think of the almost empty space in our solar system. Consider that our metric-system is is related to the circumference of the earth. The earth is not our center and it certainly is not a perfect sphere like the sun - our center.

Perhaps this will make you wonder.