Disproving the Philosophical Basis for the Bible

From: jhc@tstar.net
Date: 26 Aug 1999
Time: 19:10:09
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Mr. Sinclair,

I believe the pharaoh whose name you can't recall is Ramses II and the battle in question was the battle of Kedesh. Ramses and his army barely survived that encounter but, upon returning to Egypt, Ramses claimed a great victory. Indeed, he had his own account of the battle's outcome etched in stone everywhere. In any case, no one ever had the nerve to contridict the pharaoh, so it was treated as fact. Shortly afterwards, Ramses and the Hittites drew up the first international peace treaty in history. I believe this is all correct, although I am recounting all of this from memory. If this is not correct, please anyone, correct me. Regards, Judi