history or fiction?

From: Dan Dugan
Date: 22 Aug 1999
Time: 18:24:41
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The following story is from class work in an American public school.


The Pharoah Khufu

Khufu was a wealthy Egyptian boy, raised traveling over his father's land, hunting and fishing. The time came for him to enter the temple school, where he faced a series of tests.

The priest that greeted Khufu on the temple steps stared straight into his eyes, but Khufu just met his stare. The second priest made Khufu take a vow of silence for seven days, and he entered the temple. He would not be able to leave for three times seven years. First Khufu was locked in a small chamber with only one passageway out. The way became so small he was crawling like a snake on his belly. The second test was a dark passageway filled with icy black water. A room of fire was Khufu's third test, but the fire was just reflected on mirrors and did not burn Khufu. After these tests Khufu was able to enter the temple school.

Khufu spent three times seven years in the temple school learning all the Egyptian knowledge of the time. At the end of the 21 years, priests conducted Khufu through one final test. They put him in a sarcophagus and he fell into a death like sleep for three days. In this way Khufu obtained the knowledge of Osis.

After leaving the school Khufu became a priest, and finally a pharoah. He was the pharoah known for building the largest four sided pyramid at Giza.


Can you tell me if this story comes from an Egyptian historical source? Another possibility is that it is drawn from occultist fiction.

Any assistance that you can render would be appreciated.

Thanks, Dan Dugan