Re: 700 BC and women as rulers

From: Cari
Date: 21 Aug 1999
Time: 11:48:16
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Hello..I found your question while hunting for new sites on women rulers...I collect them...I have never seen a Matriarchal society in Egyptian history, and I have no women rulers at all in the 700BC date! That doesn't mean they didn't exist though..so if you do come across these ladies I would love to know about them!!! However, if you want to travel just slightly south into Nubia/Kush/Meroe from the little info I have found, there was a tradition of women rulers between 2nd cent. BC to around 30 BC there are supposed to be 16 named women rulers but I have only been able to find 5. Finding info on these women is like trying to build a pyramid single handed! If you want the names that mentioned I can send them to you!