The work of David Rohl

From: David Robinson
Date: 25 Jul 1999
Time: 05:23:52
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I have just read David Rohls' A Test of Time and Genesis, which many of you will be familiar with. I am not an Egyptologist or a historian of any kind-just an interested lay person.

In the latter book, Rohl makes connections between the names of the old testament God and those of Ancient Sumerian religions i.e. Yahweh=Enki

Enki was a 'junior God' in a pantheon of Sumerian Gods. The impact for Christianity must be huge if Rohl is correct because their God is not the only God, ruling the whole Universe with love and kindness etc, but just a minor God who happened to have a soft spot for mortal man. Indeed Enki/Yahweh 'reported' to the REAL God of the Universe, Enlil, who was the one who sent the flood according to the Sumerian flood stories. Enki/Yahweh defied God (Enlil) by telling Utnapishtim, or Noah in the Bible, to build a boat and get the hell out of there!

All this demonstrates the likelyhood that many Biblical stories present a true historical account-albeit with the names confusingly changed, but the God the Christians (and the Muslims?) are worshipping is not the only and all powerful God they think he is-assuming they accept the history of their own religion.

Is there anyone out there that can comment on this? Is David Rohls work accepted as correct in this area and if so have the Church commented on it? Do they accept the issues his work raises for their religion?