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Date: 24 Jul 1999
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RA, an interest of yours? personal or professional? ra what a god an essence which governs life

ra is an essence which the egyptians like many other civilizations knew of and felt osiris - a prophet of ra iris - another prophet of ra

ra is that which you are a great part of ra is that which history and all different civilizations have tried to explain and lable e.g god,ala,buddah,ect

imagine water in a tank its all that you see but if you look closer its made up of millions of individual and independent molecules. a different perspective to that of the water in the tank- eh? ra is the water. ra is that which governs the tide (if there is one) the egyptians were very colorfull people. they didnt like the hebrew very much as the hebrew knew of ra but also knew of it in all that is and was and will be on this great library of energy - earth.the hebrews tried to teach it to each and every individual being alive. the egyptians though WHAT ? imagine if every one knew they were a god, capable of creating not only another human but anything that emotion instigated. (confusing?) how do you think the great pharoas managed to govern all thoes responsible for creating the pyramids.? it wasnt only wips (that is modern day thinking) it was through feeling a place that all thoes responsible for the creation of the pyramid shared in their hearts. (level of emotion)the pharoas could persuade the vison as they saw fit due to the knowledge of who were what and how ra was. they were part of ra and like i mentioned above it is that which governs all that is.

that is why all that is in egypt relates to that which we have forgoten to consider so often. life/death and why they built thoes pyramids not only for beauty and mystical reason but as a symbol of that which they all came from. the hebrews didnt beleive in sharing only one vision of one pharohe but to allow each individual his own vision of reason of being embodied in this limited reality and to go through his own existance in bliss and control of that which he desired. freedom . pure freedom with knowledge therefor respect. but as i mentioned this scared the egyptians and they beleived alot like the scarab beetle. in one consiousness. they were trying to recreate the water in this reality with the pharohes being a representation of ra or osiris or iris. the hebrews thought that this again was enslaving each individual molecule into being again part of the water and not allowing the grand experiance of what life was and the reason we created this dimension in the first place. were you see mention of ra you may also see mention of light or the sun. what i mentioned above relates to a reality much grander than the reality we are in now. it is a reality that to this one is that which isnt.hence death. it is a reality that many egyptians and hebrew were consious to.(in this reality) being consious was being a god. that is why at the early age of 5 to 9 many young beings became consious of the previous existance it experianced (eg tutankhaman) hence the civilizations attention being to a reality so far from mans reality today. there is reason to everything that has happened in the history of this planet and all shall be unfolded - slowly as this reality sees fit. so i hope this sheds some light on your interest to ra. for that which you seek is already in you ra is only a word that signifys alot more. your soul eternal play