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From: House_Of_Oscar@hotmail.com
Date: 24 Jul 1999
Time: 01:07:27
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egypt was the beginning but not the only beginning on this grand library of the stars. civilizations grander than the egyptians governed their entire existance and how they came about. these grander civilizations are yet to be discovered- with the help of that which is yet to be discovered in egypt. these civilizations are far more grander than anything the human mind and its reality can conceive. egypt was one of the begining places were all these great souls who roam this grand globe left a physical memoire (if that is how its spelt). all that is in egypt pertains to the stars and the bigest and most unknown question and answer. life/death.why. all that you are and all that you will become- why? the egyptians did everything they did for that which we now fear so much and avoid and amusingly try and beat. ( since the first crusades may i say) you see what is yet to be discovered in this beautifull place which will tie all history to reason. war and peace. it will explain who certain prophets well known and remembered were and what they tried to show and were instead worshiped. (that was a mistake on the gods behalf not intended yet well used up) there are secretes that lay in this grand library that pertain to all which is. secerts that due to fear of freedom and its unlimited ground was kept from this reality. yet the cause of it. why? until next time oscar.