Re: Akhenaton's Hymn to Aten

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Date: 25 May 1999
Time: 21:53:12
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I believe the item you are searching for is Phillip Glass' "Akhnaten's Hymn to the Aten". The following is taken from Winton Thomas's English translation published in Documents from Old Testament Times:

Thou dost appear beautiful On the horizon of heaven Oh, living Aten He who was the first to live When thou hast risen on the Eastern Horizon Thou art fair, great, dazzling, High above every land Thy rays encompass the land To the very end of all thou hast made

All the beasts are satisfied with their pasture Trees and plants are verdant Birds fly from their nests, wings spread Flocks skip with their feet All that fly and alight Live when thou hast arisen

How manifold is that which thou hast made Thou sole God There is no other like thee Thou didst create the earth According to thy will Being alone, everything on earth Which walks and flies on high

Thy rays nourish the fields When thou dost rise They live and thrive for thee Thou makest the seasons to nourish All thou hast made The winter to cool The heat that they may taste thee

There is no other that knows thee Save thy son, Akhnaten For thou hast made him skilled In thy plans and thy might Thou dost raise him up for thy son Who comes forth from thyself

For more information, please go to http://www.uni-paderborn.de/~pg/akhnaten.html#libretto