Re: Scota a Pharaoh's Daughter

From: Bill Bell
Date: 13 May 1999
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Gathelus Sails For Egypt!

He then called together and assembled his own faithful followers, and put out to sea with the crews of THREE SCORE SHIPS. And he steered straight over the MEDITERRANEAN SEA, until he reached the MOUTHS OF THE NILE. There he landed, and sent an embassy to PHARAOH NECTONIBUS, letting him know of his arrival; and the king sent ambassadors of his own to meet MILEDH, and to conduct him to his presence. And when Miledh appeared before the king, he was made welcome to the land, and a territory was granted to him and his people to dwell thereupon. It is in record of this VOYAGE OF MILEDH, from [GRECIAN] SCYTHIA TO EGYPT, that Gilla-Caemhan composed the following rann [poem]:

"Miledh, the sire of our goodly clans, Slew King Refloir, the well-befriended Then hastily fled he yon hostile land, And found other fields by the bounteous Nilus."

....At this time, there was A GREAT WAR BETWEEN PHARAOH AND THE KING OF ETHIOPIA. Pharaoh made Miledh the commander of his army, when he had estimated his bravery and valor, and sent him to meet the forces of Ethiopia therewith. Then there ensued many engagements and conflicts, between the forces under the command of Miledh and those of the Ethiopians. In these he was so successful that his fame and renown spread through all nations, whereupon PHARAOH GAVE HIM ONE OF HIS OWN DAUGHTERS TO WIFE. THIS LADY WAS CALLED SCOTA....She bore her husband TWO SONS IN EGYPT, namely EBER FINN and AMERGHIN.