Pyramid Complaints

From: Adam
Date: 09 May 1999
Time: 04:12:53
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The Pyramid [Cheops] could have been built in 20 years by NOT 100,000 but a mere 10,000 at the peak of activity. That's the conclusion of a time and motion study on the effort needed to get it built. It's easy NOT impossible, and we know how they moved those blocks [which are comparable to blocks used in other pyramids no one claims to be from ETs] - sleds dragged on mud-slicked paths. The number of workers can be estimated from drawings of work-teams dragging much bigger monuments than stone-blocks, and the total number for any phase of the construction can be worked out from there.

Claims that Egyptians couldn't do it are total crap, promoted by Zechariah Sitchin based on ZERO evidence. He claims that construction marks seen on numerous blocks through out the Pyramid are fakes - and he has no evidence to prove it! There's a few web-stes devoted to this and they're pretty emphatic - DON'T BELIEVE THE MISINFORMATION...

I'm not saying ETs weren't involved - there's some evidence for that - but the facts are what they are - the Egyptians could and did build THE Pyramid. What stuns me is the fact that so many swallow the "they couldn't so someone else did" line without even thinking "who says?" And the other point is that there are plenty of Pyramids close to Cheops' in scale, BUT NO ONE thinks ETs were involved in their construction!