Chronological alternatives

From: Adam
Date: 09 May 1999
Time: 03:54:41
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For a really balanced perspective on Chronology Revision check out Lisa Liel's web-site at Tripod...


She's really gone the distance on these issues, surveying the schemes of Velikovsky and Courville, as well as our hero David Rohl. Her own scheme is very radical, fitting the entire Ancient Near East History into the period post c. 1930 BCE. I can't say that I agree, since I think David has dug up more certain dates to synchronise by, but for a more in-depth look at Civilisations other than Egypt, then she's a good place to start.


PS Who's read "Legend", just out from David Rohl? I'm currently having a first glance, and he's rather ambitious - trying to tie the events of Genesis 1 - 11 into Mesopotamian history. Can't say if he succeeds yet, but it's a fun read.