From: Peter Vanderzwet
Date: 11 Apr 1999
Time: 00:54:37
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Call it Atlantis if you wish but people who simply dismiss the FACTS that highly advanced civilization did infact exist at the end of the last ice age (13-14 000 years ago)are the same sort of people who would have told Columbus the world was flat. Facts? ok.

#1 The Great Pyramid at Giza incorperates Pi. Take its height, multiply by 2Pi and you get the exact measurement of its base. (Interesting?, not yet) take its base, multiply it by 43,200 and you get the measurement of the earths equator. Why 43,200? It is not a random number, it is a calculated number obtained though precission.

#2 The well known weathering effects on the Sphinx and the valley temple. Geologists have concluded that the weathering effects can be caused by non other than extreme amounts of rain. Rain in this quanity did not exist in Ancient times, but did during 11,000 BC. Besides, if the Sphinx HAS been coverd and uncoverd over the ages by sand, how do you get those weather effects if it has been covered for most of history?

#3 Read myths from all over the world..MANY of them have the same figure in common. A man wearing a white robe and sandles who comes out of the sea bringing gifts of civilazation, peace, love and who can move giant objects with the sound of his voice and who is knowledgable in every aspect of the earth. Who are these? Non other than Osiris (Egypt) Viracocha (Peru), and Quetzalcoatl (Mexico). Yet none of these civilizations had ANY type of contact with each other. Could these legends be memories of contact with an advanced civilization in pre-history, passed down though the ages?

#4 Stone work in Egypt (Valley Temple, Osireion, Peru (Machu Picchu) and Mexico (Pyramid of the sun and moon)all have the same inter locking stones in a PERFECTLY shaped jigsaw patteren.

#5 The pyramid of the moon, Yucatan, Mexico ALSO incorperates Pi. Take its height and multiply it by 4Pi and you get its base...EXACTLY. Not to mention the fact that both civilizations have pyramids. Why Pyramids?

These are just 5 of MANY clues to our antiquity.