Re: Hall of records

From: rick
Date: 05 Apr 1999
Time: 16:09:28
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Although there are many outlandish claims regarding Atlantis and other lost civilizations made by wacko people, I for one do strongly believe that a sophisticated human civilization interested in things like science and astronomy did exist prior to the end of the last Ice Age. Any serious inquirory into our past must ultimately lead to confronting such questions, as the long-held archeological contexts are being successfully overturned by the disciplines of geology and sedimentology. There are simply too many similiarities between ancient cultures around the world to dismiss the notion of a prehistoric "cradle" of religion, science and other ideas. Just my two cents, I'm not a nut or a pyramidiot, just someone with genuine curiousity about our past and the legacy left to us by prehistoric Newtons, Galileos and Aristotles......