Re: Hall of records

From: apollo13@mis.net
Date: 16 Mar 1999
Time: 17:41:04
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The hall of records is a room that is alegedly located inside either the Great Pyramid, or the Sphynx. It is said to conatin records of why the Pyramids and many other Egyptian monuments were built. Also, some believe that it will tell of "Martians", driven away from their home planet by some disaster (giant meteor, deadly plague, etc.), coming to Earth in order for their species' survival. Upon landing on Earth, they found the habitat to provide all that they would need to survive. They soon established a small colony and slowly began their own civilization. Here, however, the story splits, some believe one, some the other, and the rest don't believe any of this. One story is that the "Martians" cross-bred with humans, thus accounting for no visible remains of an unhuman, intelligent creature. The other is that the "Martians" simply died out, after building the Pyramids, Sphinx, etc., and humans moved into the abandoned city. Evidence to support the thoery that so called "Martians" came to Earth can be found on Mars itself. Many of you have probably heard of the "Face on Mars". Well, it is a huge stone structure that apears to be a half-human, half-feline sculpture (similar to the Sphinx). Also, there are a few pyramid-shaped structures on Mars. Some say they are merely illusions, but others, believe that they are pyramids built by the "Martians" before they came to Earth.