Re: I guess you have never seen any of the footage.

From: erin@ignition.ddns.org
Date: 05 Mar 1999
Time: 00:12:13
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I saw the footage aired on television which also lead me to believe there is a space between the limestone. We can't believe everything we see. Regardless, there _is_ potential danger to the pyramid of Khufu if we attempt to open the "door". Currently, there is no way to move the limestone block without damaging the surrounding blocks. Ancient monuments are already deteriorating due to increased pollution, moisture, and carbon dioxide levels. I support Dr. Zahi Hawass in his decision to hold off on further investigation until new technology enables us to learn more without harming the existing structure. As humans, we are impatient in our quest for knowledge. Archeological excavation is a careful and long process so that important information is not overlooked. I do not feel the Egyptian goverment would have anything to gain from keeping new discoveries a secret. Conversely, a new discovery would be beneficial to the country because it would increase tourism and better the economy. I feel your obvious discontent would be more productive in seeking solutions to the engineering problem of moving the "door" safely.