I guess you have never seen any of the footage.

From: balanced.
Date: 18 Dec 1998
Time: 13:56:05
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It's pretty obvious that there is space between the 'floor' of the shaft and the bottom of that piece of metal. You can see it with your own eyes - you don't need the 'egyptian government' to tell you what to see.

Also what're you working for these assholes? You sound just as stupid as them - it's not like you are going to damage a limeSTONE structure by slipping a glass/plastic fiber optic cable under the crack.

This is just a matter of refusing the people of the world the knowledge and information they have a RIGHT to. Countries and governments are bullshit lies. Those pyramids belong to the whole human race - not to a bunch of shit slinging, territorial pissing neanderthals who wish to exercise their control over my (and our) beliefs.

It's time to claim our right!