A message from the nine

From: Chephren
Date: 09 Dec 1998
Time: 17:34:48
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It is now time that we look back at our history and realise that there is something terribly wrong with our understanding of evolution. I know many people know a portion of egyptology to even look at this section but firstly for those who dont have. have you heard that moses was trained by the heliopolis priests, these being the worshipers and astrologers of the first time. The first time being when the pyramids where built around ten thousand b.c, correct me if you think I'm wrong but the erosion caused to the great leonine is enough to understand that it is not possible that it was built around three thousand years before christ. WHY do we have such advanced materials around Iraq from about 9500 b.c, which people did not discover the skills to do such for another 8000 years.You seem to have an advanced race in Egypt around ten before Christ and then vanishes. So much of the culture(vulture) remains, but the true understanding fades away. Read from Petrie on his understanding on egyptian technology, read from Freud on his beliefs on Moses. He started the road for us to walk on, but it's such a difficult thing for us living in the western world to accuse the Egyptian government and the Jews that such things link together but it is tooo much to be coincidence. This this will be continued under, A message from the nine 2. Goodbye.