From: Spain
Date: 19 Oct 1998
Time: 12:30:49
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I agree with Sitchin´s claims. In his book "Stairway to heaven" he explains the amazing correlation of the pyramids of Gizeh with the St. Catalina mountain, Baalbek, Jerusalem and Ararat. The pyramids was used like a guide of the god ship. Looks unbelieve, but Sitchin has seven books wich he show that in the ancient times, really, there was gods that can fly. So they needed a landing place. The look of Sphinx points the way of this place. The "airport" were in the middle of Sinai desert. In ancient Egipt the name of this important place was Duat. There, the pharaon can reach the sky with the ship of book. I explained that very fast, for more details you have to read the Sitchin books. In his books he explains all this with a lot of details and you can find amazing answers to the mistery of pyramids of Gizah, Sumer, american places,...

All that is for the technology of Anunnaki(gods).

If you read one of the book of Sitchin post an article to show me your opinion.