Re: Scarab and ankh - ankh symbolism

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Date: 23 Sep 1998
Time: 13:58:02
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The ankh is the Egyptian sybol of life. It is often depicted in paintings and carved reliefs being held in the hands of gods and goddesses. Deified animals and objects (such as the djed pillar) have also been portrayed holding an ankh with a human hand. Under the rule of Akenaten, the sun disk was shown with rays of light at the ends of which were hands holding ankhs. The word ankh was often included in the names and titles of nobles and kings, such as ThutANKHamun. It looks like a cross with a loop at the top in the shape of an upside-down rain drop (one might speculate that the Christian cross originated from it) Ankh amulets existed as both funerary and every day protective jewellery. Recently "gothic" fashion has adopted the ankh as a popular pendant or necklace.