Re: sculpture nefertiti/"DOORS IN THE AIRSHAFTS."

From: David m.n.m.Young
Date: 08 Sep 1998
Time: 11:44:56
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On the subject of "doors in the airshafts",and the ever so popular thoery on "oh,there's just outside air behind it." Is absolute tripe!I myself have been currently following an ongoing report by "X~FACTOR" on the even stranger and bigger mystery of the egypt/giza/sphinx/atlantis connection.Also contained in this rather factualy detailed report are exact locations of,1.a secret room located in the main pyramid at Giza just above the queen's chamber.{contents of the room are unknown due to the fact of a stonedoor with two working levers.}2.the large chamber located between the two front paws of the sphinx {which WAS prophesized twice!}which,lets face it,was found but not opened under command of Egptian government.Reasons for which,are probably down to what was said to have been contained in the chamber from the original prophecy. P.S.Should anyone know any information regarding these interesting links on trying to unravel the mysteries of our planet,here is where to contact me: David M.N.M.Young, E~MAIL:<glen.butler.sound.and.light.@cableinet.co.uk Cheers for listen to my commments folks,SEE YA!!