Re: Older than the Pyramids

From: Dalton A. Roberson Jr.  -A.K.A-  Ra Hotep
Date: 04 Sep 1998
Time: 10:13:14
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I believe that the pyramids of giza and the sphinx were in fact built in 10500 BC. There is also overwhelming proof that other spiritual temples in cambodia (Angkor) were also built many thousands of years before what conventional archeology has stated. As you may or may not know the pyramids of Giza are in direct alignment with the star belt of orion and the the Ankgor temple is in direct reltaion to the celestial body deca. While it is obvious that these monument were built in direct relation to their respective star bodies the last time there was an exact correlation was in the year 10500 BC. Furthermore there is overwhelming evidence that these monuments were built to commerate the spring equinox, it is peculiar to note that the sphinx faced directly at the constellation Leo ( the lion) on the day of the equninox. Why would these temples have been built so long ago and why. The answer lies in the religious beleifs of the dogon tribe in Africa. The Dogon theology holds the belief that civilizations was visited by alien life that civilized humans who existed as savages prior to their visit. It is alleged that these visitors taught early man the science of medicine, astrology, theology and other aspects that typified such an advnaced yet early civilization. If this is true then it would follow conventional reasoning to say that after having been civilized by alien visitors the early civilizations would attribute to them some divinty or at the very least they would want to commerate these visitors for having given them the tools to lead a life that was far more advanced than any of the time and is even considered advanced by todays standards. Laslty, early civilizations were taught or at least believed that the solar systen was the blueprint of gods plan for civilization and in order to convey this understanding to the uneducated masses they saught to reproduce the heavens on earth through pyramids, statutes and other monuments. In closing wih all the information that is available from both a classical theological and current and classical astrological understanding it would appear obvious that the pyramids, sphinx and ankgor were built in 10,500 B.C. with the knowledge that was given to them from more advanced life forms from other solar system. I have been researching this theory for sometime now and it is refreshing to hear that other out there are also interested. Remember the truth is out there and readily available to those who don't idly accept what they are taught by those who probably don't even understand what they claim to be experts in.