Re: David Rohl - Part II

From: Cami McCraw  ladkins@mail.startext.net
Date: 03 Sep 1998
Time: 05:32:48
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Hi, Michael! I don't think anyone is overlooking the point you make about Velikovsky. (1) In Dr. Rohl's book, Velikovsky's work is given credit for having the right ideas initially, & on the correct paths. I believe it was the later dynasties that begin to differ from Rohl's research, but don't quote me on that one, since it isn't in front of me right now! (2) Retrocalculations - Well--out of my league here-- But it should be pointed out that Dr. Rohl & Dr. Mitchell arrived at their conclusions quite independently of each other; serving to back up each other's findings. Dr. Mitchell was using years of his own research, combined with the most advanced software for astronomical retrocalculation. Velikovosky, while having some great initial ideas, wrote "Age Of Chaos" in 1952. I'm a Meteorologist-In-Waiting (only 2 classes to go!) and the Meteorologist who was my "mentor" got his start during WWII. He had a nationwide reputation as being one of the best, yet he was the first to admit that technology in the areas of Meteorology & Astronomy had grown at unbelievable proportions since the War ended. (3) Advancements - In my area,for example, advances since the war include the utilization of polarization information, & the use of Bistatic Radars. Advanced technology allows so much more now than in Velikovsky's era. ~ Cami McCraw ~ ladkins@mail.startext.net