Re: David Rohl

From: Cami McCraw
Date: 30 Aug 1998
Time: 02:24:54
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For Wayne Mitchell (& others~)-- No, I don't think I was actually perplexed as to why David Rohl didn't mention certain people/events in his book; I think I was being careful here not to assume that I would know anything he didn't know. I believe he elected to leave some things out--it wasn't that he didn't know them. I'm sure of that! Anyway that is how I meant those opening comments. As for what you said about David Rohl's objective reconstruction with the NC -- that is exactly why I like him (& you!) I live in the Bible Belt, and one more preacher isn't what we need. I love the honesty from a true scientist who can say, "I did not set out to prove the Bible..." ~~Thank you Dr. Mitchell for responding to my comments. I would have replied sooner but I've been on oxygen since first seeing I had heard from someone as prestigeous as yourself. ~ Cami McCraw ~