Re: David Rohl - Attention Cami

From: Cami McCraw
Date: 30 Aug 1998
Time: 01:58:26
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Hi! Thanks for your interest in my paper! Glad to share it & it should be ready soon for that. Oddly enough, there are several people wanting to see it. In it, full credit is given to Dr.(?)David Rohl for his research and teachings. I also have pulled from several other sources. I want to be sure I have correct bibliography and footnote pages. My work goes like this: I worked the timeline after viewing his tapes no less than 20 times. It is based on his NC idea & certainly his approach, therefore he gets most of the credit. I am only TWO classes away from my meteorology degree, and therefore had several other sources to pull from as well (geology, climatology, etc.) I purposely waited to buy and read his book until I had finished all but the footnoting. My Father (a newspaper man) gave me a piece of good advice: when you read his book, don't change your paper. He was right. While the math worked, and the timeline worked, on comparing his book with my paper, there are a number of differences. But, the differences are not in the timeline (well-everyone is "off" a little here & there!) but rather in what I chose to point out as major events. (Of course I am not pointing out the obvious here - that his book is certainly on a much deeper level!) Now I'm needing some advice from yall (--I'm a Texan--). I give credit throughout the paper to Wayne Mitchell as well as David Rohl of course, but my work is really quite different & comes from an entirely different angle. For instance, Dr. Rohl is an Egyptologist "who did not set out to prove the Bible.." -- I'm coming at this thru an entirely different door. As a christian I am relaxed in the fact that the Bible is fact. I am also very aware that there is this huge need to understand the rest of the world, and how it all ties together. I set out to do this paper for a culture or climatology course, not really even sure which course I would use it for, and have been basically banned from talking about it to my family and friends! Ha! They find me very boring these days. I thought I would turn it in to the school & then life would get back to the same thing for me. I am now getting requests from a narrow but interested audience to get this published for use in Christian Private Schools. Of course, the schools are just showing interest, & don't know what all this entails. (Neither do I!) I've been advised to not share it until I get a copyright obviously not on "the facts" since those are history dates, but on the "artwork"; the way I have it put together, etc. So, the honest truth is that it sits here at my house, & I show it to no one right now, because (1) Loyalty to David Rohl (its his NC, isn't it?), (2) I wouldn't know what to do next even if it is legal, ethical, & non-fattening. I'm very confused at this point. Anyone, help?? Cami McCraw ladkins@mail.startext.net