Re: Hall of records

From: runnymeade-speech field guy
Date: 12 Aug 1998
Time: 03:34:44
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The hall of records has been noted by Edgar Cayce made prediction in 1930's the hall would be found in 1998-2000 A.D.. A suggestion is the A.R.E. Library just had an Atlantis-Egyptology lecture at Virginia Beach, VA. I was a friend of Edgerton Sykes before he died in 1986 the foremost at that time authority on Atlantis. He passed the torch to me in 1984 to continue the library index compiling on Egypt and Atlantis connection. E. Sykes was in the British intellegence of wwII if that tells you anything? His library was purchased in the early 1980's about Egypt and Atlantis. The A.R.E. I know have a web-site about the conference which the Egyptian Archaeologist was there about the tunnel? The problem is this. There were some ARE people who got kicked out of the site in egypt when something was found and 1-2 years ago the egyptian authorities said they may refer to it as a Kephern period area or site. This will end up being incorrect, because Solon around 600 B.C. saw it and said 20-26 statues of previous leaders before the first noted kings of egypt!! Not just columns, but Thoth onward king list almost prior to the Po-Mer clan ie. 6,000 B.C.. Atlantis downs in 9,600 and sphinx as lion not just virgo edition at the equitorial equinox or before its human face lift at 10,800 B.C. in Egypt. Sea Salt petrified in Queens Chamber dates at 11,000 B.C. I'll be it so is the Hall or not long after. Runnymeade bids good luck, plus more.