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Date: 21 Jul 1998
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Montevideo, 13/7/98

Dear Sir : I have been studying the building aspect of the engeneering work: Pharaoah Keopls Piramid. After a deep study of the building, giving special attention to the limitations of the time and the scientific theories, I have developed a thesis on the subject.

Recently I have published an article in the Journal of the Uruguayan Society Of Egyptology .

I agree with the thesis that the ramps were used for the construction of the pyramids, and it is logical to think that the straight ramp developed into more convenient shapes which made it is possible to reach higher positions and reducer the amount of accumulated material. There is no evidence whether those ramps were used to build the whole pyramid.

Since the matter has not been clarified yet, in my opinion, the study of alternative solutions, should not be discharged. The metod I am studying is applicable to the cons- truction of the last stretch of Pharao Keopls pyramid, where the use of ramps became more difficult. This procedure does not replace the use of ramps; it confirms the use of the ramps up to a certain height.

The construction techniques applied for carrying out this work and the explanation of the reasons for its unique inner layout are both vast and debatable matters.

In this article I shall refer to two issues which have attracted the attention of archaeologists from Borchardtls time to our days: a) the method used for lifting the blocks of stone; b) the purpose of the Grand Gallery.

Traditionally, the two questions have been analysed separately without ever gathering enough evidence in either case. I shall briefly outline the existing scientific views on each one of them and will then formulate a different ' approach whose uniqueness lies in the fact that the two are assumed to be related.

The demostration that this method was used requires research (as I explain in the article).

I was read your article in the Internet, I want send you my own article (800 kbyts), and interchange opinions.

Waiting eagerty for your answer, I send you kind regards.

Daniel Gerardo Mechanical Engineer Expert

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