Ans: Journey to the dead

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Date: 21 Jun 1998
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The ancient Egyptian funerary ceremonies and beliefs are described in detail in the Book of the Dead. A comprehensive account is given by Guardian's Egypt web page at http://www.guardians.net/egypt/ Once there, go to Ancient Religion -> Egyptian Mythology Gallery -> The Book of the Dead. In short, the soul of the deceased was believed to travel through the underworld (Duat) by boat to reach The Hall of Two Truths. Many spells must be recited along the way for protection from the evil spirits, and to gain access to each gallery. The Hall of Two Truths is where Anubis wieghs the deceased's heart against the feather of truth (belonging to Maat) The god Thoth records the deeds done by the man during his life, while Osiris sits on his throne behind him. Forty deities (one for each nome) act as judges. If the man's heart is heavier than the feather, Amit (the devourer) eats his heart. If the man has been good in life, he will be admitted to the Field's of Gold (Yaru), the paradise of Osiris. Please feel free to email me at the above address if you have any furthur questions.