Re: Bauval, Hancock etc

From: erin@ignition.ddns.org
Date: 21 Jun 1998
Time: 15:50:07
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Most Egyptologsts think of Bauval and Hancock as pseudo-scientists because neither one has any credentials related to Egyptology (I understand that Bauval is a scientist). Their theories appeal to the general public because people want to believe in the paranormal. Unfortunately, most of these theories are based on coincidence and data which conveniently fits the model. Just because the data seems to fit with their theories, it does not mean that they are valid or true. Both Bauval and Hancock's claims break the research rule of falsifiability: there is no way to prove they are wrong. Any new evidence which contradicts their theories is shaped to fit the model, or rejected completely. The debate between Egyptologists and those such as Bauval is similar to that regarding the existence of God. I too would like to believe, but need more convincing proof first.