pyramids orion and atomic theory

From: bill reed
Date: 09 Jun 1998
Time: 04:11:09
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Dear Sir/s, I'm writing in support of bauvals brilliant hypothesis that concludes that the Giza pyramid complex was constructed in a formation as to replicate the Orion Star Belt and I hope that I can add new light on a connection between the ancient structures and modern atomic theory.

According to the Smithsonian Institite, gold molecules were created from metalic substances located at the centre of collapsed stars and the dense molecular formation and weight of gold is attributed to the enormous gravitational forces and pressure of the collapsed star.

The Giza pyramids were built with a cladding of marble on the exterior of the structures and according to ancient legend, the marble cladding may have once been covered by a gold outer coating, could the ancient builders of the Giza complex been aware of the atomic relationship between the structure they were building and the molecular similarities of gold and marble?.

If the theory of the gold coating is ever proven, then the World's leading archeological Societies would have to consider that the Giza Pyramids were both built to represent the stars of the Orion belt and that the ancient builders probably possesed advanced understanding of Atomic theory.

The logical place to search for such evidence may be on the remaining marble cladding that still remains on the apex of some of the pyramid structures.

Bill Reed.

p.s. Could you please pass on this information to Bauval , Hancock and West.