Re: David Rohl

From: Dr. M S M Saifullah
Date: 20 Apr 1998
Time: 22:13:57
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I would like to make couple of comments on David Rohl's work. The first one is on the shifting of chronology. Egypt was not an isolated civilization. There were parallel civilizations flourishing around Egypt. They were involved in trade, commerce, treaties etc. with Egypt. If the chronology is shifted then it should also match with the parallel connecting events associated with other civilizations. I think this is the weakest point in Rohl's work.

Secondly, the assumption that the Bible describes the history accurately needs to be proven. This is just to show that the Bible is an accurate historical document. A quick example would the mention of domesticated camels during the time of Abraham which the noted Bible archeologist Professor Albrights calls as a 'gross anachronism'.

regards saifullah