Re: David Rohl

Date: 12 Apr 1998
Time: 17:12:12
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I have read both A TEST OF TIME and CENTURIES OF DARKNESS (a book referenced by David Rohl). They are both very interesting and informative. I am currently working on Bible outline studies that put the Biblical events in chronological order. These books have been excellent background material, and greatly superior to most books on the subject written by those who DO say that they believe the scriptures. I am anxiously awaiting his sequel, as I am a student of Secular history as well. Indeed, I feel that ALL history is Biblical history, owing to my belief. Can anyone tell me if they have heard any news on its publication date. Also I am interested in any other material incorporating the New Chronology. This would be greatly useful to me. For my part I can help any others on exactly what the Bible says about a particular event and the way that it fits with the entire message that the Bible is conveying. Thanks. email RNDOTTIE@aol.com